Friday, May 07, 2010

It's a Bug's Life

We are all about bugs and creepy crawly things around here. The boys are constantly finding bugs, crickets, lizards and such things to make into their pets.
This was Max, a pet bug for Tom. Last week, when Tom adopted "Max" they spent the afternoon together in the back patio, building with blocks and crawling around. Tom literally spent hours with his new bug friend and was very sad when Lydia got ahold of Max and pulled off all his left legs. Poor Max didn't handle the trauma very well and his life ended soon after.

This picture of Charlie doesn't need much in the way of words, it is just a funny picture of how dramatic and silly he can be.

This beautiful little dress was given to us by a neighbor (thanks Liz) and the girls are having all kinds of fun dressing up in it.

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