Monday, November 29, 2010

Funny Lydia

Today Lydia has been calling me "Taysom"

she'll say - "Taysom, can I have a drink"


"Taysom, I need help"

or whatever it is that she is asking for.

I have no idea where she got it from, but it is so funny when she says it

See that expression - defiance, independence all wrapped into one - she rarely smiles for the camera, she usually won't even look. This photo is curtesy of my friend Lisa from our Thanksgiving craft we did a few weeks ago making candy turkeys.


lisa said...

i LOVE lydia- she is definitely her own person! maybe she hears other people calling you sister taysom at church and she picked up on the taysom part and thats why she calls you that??? my kids have both gone through phases where they call dad by his first name... thats a little awkward out in public :) hope you guys had a happy thanksgiving!!!

Kandie and Steve said...

That is so funny! Today while becca and lydia were here, becca called me Kandis Taysom and I said no I'm Kandis Carpenter, and then she couldn't stop saying it over and over. It was cute.