Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Taking Pictures

I took pictures of the kids today to make ornaments for the tree. Individual pictures go okay, except Lydia won't smile and Charlie is hard to get a non-cheesy grin from.

Trying to get a group picture is an adventure.

First, try to get them all together

Next, try to get the girls to put their hands down from their face

Finally, try to get the girls to keep facing the camera (Tom is assisting Becca in looking at me, so helpful)

Due to an "accident" with scissors (ie. Becca trying to cut her own hair) Becca now has a short and sassy haircut. I think it is adorable, just don't call her "cute", she prefers "beautiful", cute is for little girls and she isn't little, now that she is 4.

1 comment:

Carolina said...

I love her new cut!! She IS beautiful. Great pics - and at least you got them all to pose on the same chair. I count that as success. :D