Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Playing pretend

It is so fun to observe children as they play pretend. Today some friends came over to play - Emily, Alex, and Nathan Adcock, and Sydney Carpenter. They wanted to play "store" and "Santa Clause", so they have the big blue beach umbrella set up with the play kitchen and small plastic picnic table under it. Then they hauled down some "toys" for Santa to hand out for Christmas.

The Set Up

"Santa" (Tom)  handing out the gifts

I think pretend play is so fun for their imaginative minds and keeps them playing for a long time. The only problem is the clean up after - imaginative play for my kids involves a lot of stuff. Maybe it's more like they are putting on the play and all the stuff is their props.

Lydia is fun to watch as she plays with toys. Her little three-wheeled scooter has a basket attached to the front and a few minutes ago I noticed her putting her Barbie in it to give her a ride. Lydia usually has some type of bag or purse to carry her stuff around with her.

Lately her naps have been off schedule and she falls asleep late in the afternoon and therefore prolonging the time she goes to bed at night. Last night such was the case, and although I tried to put her to bed around 9pm my efforts were futile and finally I relented and let her come downstairs with me. She played with some toys while I read a book.

First she played Mr. Potato head with her Potato head family. "where's the mommy shoes" "arm" "feet" and she kept saying all of it out loud as she assembled baby Potato with the mama size parts. Then she sang the "clean up" song as she put all the pieces back in the container and put it back on the shelf and brought over the bag of animals and ponies.

I really hadn't been paying attention to what she was doing until I noticed that all the Mr. Potato head was cleared away and she was now lining up all the animals and grouping the ponies all together.

Sometimes having all the children around all the time doesn't allow me to observe the one and it doesn't allow them to be their own self doing solitary play. I think that is why I don't mind when one child stays up late. When they all stay up I just get irritated because I want the commotion and messes to stop for awhile. But when just one is up I can focus on their cuteness and the nuances that I miss during the day time.

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