Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wednesday Words

Although it is cool weather outside today, it is not as cold as yesterday, when I had to turn the furnace on because I was too cold in my house. I love the chill of the air outside and the warm air coming from the vents, blowing down on me. When I was a child our vents were on the floor and I would sit on them until I was toasty warm.

I am thankful for friends. This morning I taught a geography class with my boys and my friends 2 girls. We both homeschool and it is so wonderful to have a friend on this journey with me that I can turn to for support and understanding and that I can borrow her kids so we can have mini classes.

Today I was reminded that we really do need others to support us and help us accomplish our goals. Thinking out loud, with another person validating my thoughts, gives me support to move forward and renewed energy that I just don't find when I try to self motivate.

We are being more diligent about having family scriptures and prayer in the morning before Jeremy leaves and we are being blessed. I feel more peace in our home, the kids are getting along better, and I feel more calm. I know that God really does bless us when we keep His commandments and when we strive to "always" remember Him.

In our studies we have been focusing on a topic a week and reading verses on that topic and than discussing the practical application. This week's topic has been about love and today we talked about showing love to each other in the family. Since this month is December, we have also been singing a Christmas song and reading a Christmas story.

Today's story was about the little boy who saw a fancy car and when the man who owned it walked up to it the boy asked about the car. The man said his brother gave it to him. The little boy, who had such a pure heart, replied, "Oh, I hope I can be a good brother like that some day". When the man asked the boy if he would like a ride the boy said yes, but asked if they could go to his house so they could show the car to his crippled brother. The man was so touched with the kind heart of this boy to his brother, they went and got his brother and took them both for a ride.

I didn't choose this story to coordinate with our scripture topic, but it illustrated very nicely the scriptures we read about showing love within our families.

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