Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter is Here

It is cold outside - at 10 pm it is 49 degrees and for Florida that is cold. It got to about 54 degrees today and it was very windy. With the sun shining it wasn't too bad, but with the sun gone down, it feels like winter (or at least fall). I am cold intolerant now, or maybe it's because I don't own a coat, and it is colder than just sweater weather.
Anyway, I opted to not take my children to the park, even though I told them this morning that we would go, because I didn't want to be out in the cold. I think if it hadn't been windy I would have been okay, but the wind was very blustery and I didn't want to be out in it.

The wind has been around for a few days. Saturday was windy, but warmer - in the 60's. I did a photo shoot for my friend and despite the wind we were able to get some fun family photos at the pier.

My favorite was the feet picture - I've always wanted to do one of those.

Tonight when I put Becca to bed she wanted me to read books. I asked her to read to me. So she read "Rapunzel" to me. A book or two after Rapunzel she picked it up and said, "Mom I'm not going to read this one again because it is too scary".
I think she said that because the picture of the witch that takes Rapunzel is very scary looking in the particular book that we have.
She was so cute to read me book after book. Then I sang her some Primary songs and Christmas songs and she quietly drifted to sleep.
I was able to have such a nice bedtime with her because Lydia had fallen asleep much earlier, so I was able to have just me and Becca time.

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