Friday, December 23, 2011

Videos you must watch

We love Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson at our house and the Piano Guys are doing a great job making videos that are awesome to watch.

Here are a few favorites:

Carol of the Bells (one of my favorite Christmas songs)

Here is a video from a recent concert - I would love to go to their concert

"Where are you Christmas" - with Jon's daughter singing

This next one is very fun to watch - a favorite of my boys, spin off of Star Wars, and a neat side note, a friend of Jeremy (from high school - Ali Morris) made the costumes.

Cello Wars

This one is Tom's favorite and we bought the single and he listens to it over and over and over.

Michael Meets Mozart

The most awesome thing about watching these guys, beyond their talent, is watching the joy they experience as they play their music, I love listening to their songs, but I also love watching them, it inspires me to want to improve my talents and take joy in what I do.

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