Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wonderful Christmas

Going to see the lights at the Fletcher Farm

We had a very nice Christmas day on Sunday.

Tom got his Christmas miracle. Jeremy was scheduled to work on Sunday and Tom was hoping that dad would get home early and be his Christmas miracle and what do you know Jeremy was home by 8:30am and never did get called back into work.

Since Jeremy wasn't going to be home for the kids to get to open their gifts early in the morning they must have figured there was nothing to wake up for, not one of them was awake before 7:30 am - that was my Christmas miracle, getting to sleep in.

We got up and made a pancake breakfast and daddy showed up just in time to eat with us. We then opened a couple of gifts and then got ready and went to church.

After church, which was only one hour, Sacrament meeting, rather than all three hours of meeting, we opened more gifts. The gift Jeremy was most excited to give was his gift to the girls.

He figured what little girl wouldn't love their own pink bb gun. Becca was indeed very excited, Lydia wasn't sure she wanted anything to do with it.

This is the only picture we took on Christmas, all the rest are videos.

We were invited to our neighbors house (the Wetterlings) for Christmas dinner and had a wonderful feast with them.

Later we came home to Skype with the grandparents, first my family and then Jeremy's family.

Being 8 months pregnant I can't say I feel very motivated to do much lately, I'm big and tired. My wonderful husband had Monday off and he helped clean and get all the Christmas decorations down and put away, it was so nice to not have to do that myself. We usually don't take it down the day after Christmas, but that was when he was available to help and I was very glad to have his help.

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Kandie said...

I love her gun!! It is too cute! I am getting excited to see what you are having, so we can throw you a shower.