Friday, March 16, 2012

finally some photos

 I love Florida, i just don't like the humidity. Fortunately there was no humidity today and it was such a beautiful day. This morning we went for a rollerblade/walk. After lunch we went swimming.

 One great thing about the community we live in is the beautiful pool that we get to go swimming in. Most of the time when we go we are the only ones there, so we get this large pool all to ourselves.

 I was playing around with the buttons on my camera trying out the different presets it has and got some fun effects.

 Lydia was very excited to go to the pool today because I told her I would get in with her and work with her on learning to swim. I haven't gotten in the pool since before Matthew was born.

 Isn't this just so beautiful?

 And look at this cute face.  Mr. Matthew is two months old. He is such a chunk.

 I love when babies start smiling.

 And I also think it is so cute when they make sad faces like this.

 While we were at the pool I got Matthew to fall asleep in his carseat so that I was able to get in the pool and help Lydia learn to swim. If we start going more often I think she will get it down fairly quickly. I wish I knew what I was doing in teaching her to swim, but even with my lack of know how my small contribution helped Becca learn to swim and she is quite the little fish and loves swimming and diving.

Come on over for a swim, it's a beautiful day.


Heather said...

well - that makes me miss florida. What blue skies and blue water and green trees and warm looking air. i'll take a picture of the grey skies tomorrow when it snows ... just for you. :) Wouldn't want to miss freezing cold wind and blizzards too much. Enjoy all that sunshine while you can! Your kids seem to be having such a great time there. How fun!

Alison said...

Wow Jenni! It is gorgeous there! I want to come soak up some sunshine with you. And your cute little Matthew is adorable! Such a cute family. Loves to you!

lisa said...

i LOVE those pictures of charlie, tom, and matthew together. what super kids you and jeremy have :)

now I've got the itch to get swimming'!!!