Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm the organist in my ward which means that I am not sitting with my family for most of Sacrament meeting. Most Sundays this really isn't much of a problem, except when my husband isn't there, which has been quite a bit lately. Between work, being out of town and being sick it's been a few weeks since he has been there.

Pre new baby it wasn't a big deal, my kids were fine to sit by themself and more or less behave. In fact I was always impressed by how well they really did all by themselves. However add in a newborn and it's not an ideal situation to expect them to sit by themselves.

Last Sunday Matthew was asleep and in his car seat for most of the time that I was at the organ. This week when we got to church he was wide awake and I just didn't feel comfortable leaving him with the kids. I could foresee him fusing and crying, or the kids all fighting over who got to hold him. I asked an older single lady, who was sitting by herself if she would like to sit with my kids an hold Matthew. Thankfully she was more than happy to help.

Service is really a two sided deal--someone who needs service and someone willing to give. Last week I tried to brave it alone and didn't ask anyone to help, and it was fine, but this week I reached out and asked someone to help, and I know that she truly enjoyed being of help (of course who doesn't love holding a sweet little baby). For me it gave me better peace of mind knowing that someone with with my children and I didn't need to worry about the while I was not sitting with them. Whereas last week I was constantly looking down at them trying to see if they were doing okay, and it was very distracting to my playing.

Charlie gave a talk in primary. It was about the apostles an prophets. We have 8x10 pictures of each of the current apostles which Charlie used as a visual aid as he sang their names to the tune of "Books of the Book of Mormon".

We learned the names of the apostles to this tune a few years ago and each March and September we sing it in preparation of conference approaching. I show them the pictures as we sing it so that they are familiar with who is who. Then as we watch conference they can say "that's Elder Bednar, or whoever it may be, rather than "another boring old man" which is what my thought was when I was a kid, because I didn't know who any of those "old guys" were.

Jeremy made us a wonderful stir fry for linner (like brunch, but for the afternoon, lunch and dinner combined). It was doubly wonderful for me because it was very tasty and I didn't have to fix it. I always loved meal that I didn't have to cook.

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