Monday, April 02, 2012

My Sign

I think I need to make a sign to wear --

Yes, they are all mine

As I go places with my five children I see the looks and some are even bold enough to ask. I've really had mostly positive comments and people are amazed and impressed that I have five kids.

The other day I realized that most people ask the question in a positive way
   "Are these all yours?"

However last Friday a man asked it differently, he asked,
    "These aren't all yours are they?"

It's for people like him that I'll wear the sign just so they don't have to ask the question.

Addition: Now that I've read this post I've changed my mind. I think my sign will read,

"Yes, these are all my blessings"


Tristan said...

I found you through the General Conference Book Club and dropped in to say hello. Then I read this post and had to laugh. I have so "been there, done that". We've got 7 little blessings so far with the youngest just 2 months old. Four of them are age 4 and under. The oldest is only 10 and I always get questions, comments, etc. Some are positive, some are not. You have the right idea - the best thing we can do is share a positive response about the worth of children.

Carolina said...

Awesome!! For the first time, someone was rude to me in this way. I only have two! She looked me up and down with Liam in my arm and Sophie holding my hand and said, "You sure have your hands full," and walked away. Her tone was so demeaning and I felt hurt for the first time in that way.

Anyway, I can only imagine the constant questions you must get and I think your sign is the perfect answer! haha.