Friday, August 09, 2013

August first 10 days

I'm still in love with this new way of memory keeping.  
I printed and already received back the 12x12 pages I made for the first half of this year. I printed them with Persnickety Prints and am so pleased with how well they printed and with the cost and speed of that company. Their 12x12 prints are $2, Costco and most other places are $3 and more. I had 30 pages to print out so I was looking for the best deal. I uploaded them last Friday and by 2 hours later received and email saying they were done and ready to ship. I received them Monday in the mail. They are now in the photo book and the kids are enjoying looking at it.

As well as the family 12x12 scrapbook every once in awhile I make 8x10 that are for the kids' books.

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