Friday, August 16, 2013

Going back

Well, since I've been so efficient in getting this year all caught up and printed a photo book for last year I now have to go back further in time to find things to scrapbook about. Because my 2012 photo book through My Publisher turned out so well I am going to make more photo books for previous years, but I still love making scrapbook pages so I'm just going to pick random stuff here and there, not do a whole years worth.

Today I went to the 2009 photo bin to find some pictures to do and picked photos from the day we went to Marco Island. It was a great outing with tons of pictures, but I just picked a few highlights.

I miss going for family bike rides. Right now I am way too pregnant to even think about getting on a bike. But also there aren't great places here to bike ride. I wish they had a trail system like St. George has. There are some in Sun Valley, but that is almost 2 hours away.

Also, we are really missing the beach. Jeremy still thinks that someday he would like to move back by a  beach.

I love how this layout turned out. It started completely different than this with a different color scheme and I just wasn't loving it. So I picked out different papers and started over. So glad I did that. I love when I get done and am just in love with how the finished page looks. This is why I do scrapbooking - I love to see what I come up with and how the finished project looks. It really fills my creative cup. This is the only day this week I've sat at my computer and I've really missed it.

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Carolina said...

I love your photo pages. Every time you post one on Pinterest I enjoy looking at it. So creative! Maybe I can do that... Someday... Haha