Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's a new year

Welcome to the new year! Life continues on at our house, even if I'm not taking time to share much here. After 3 and half months of quiet I am hoping to come back to semi regular posting.

January has been a pleasant month. It started cold, and then a little snow came-that melted the next day, and then the weather turned rather warm, well winter-warm - in the 40's. It was warm enough that the kids started dressing in shorts and I had to remind them to take a jacket with them.

At the beginning of the month we went to Sun Valley and went ice skating. The kids were awesome skaters, even though that was their first time on ice.
Tom and Charlie have been reading like crazy in the Harry Potter series. Long ago I bought the first five books of the series, but a couple weeks ago had to buy the last 2 books so my little book worms would have them to read. It's amazing to watch them read through such large books - 700 +pages. At school they earn points for reading books and they both have read double the amount of the other kids in their classes.

Henry is so cute. I don't know that any other word can sum it up - CUTE! He is a smiler and smiles all the time. He loves being held, and if he is put down he prefers his bouncer that he is upright in.

Matthew had a birthday and is now 2 years old. He loved blowing out the candles on his birthday cake.

I got a little behind in my project life scrapbook pages, so I haven't printed last years book yet. I'm trying to hurry and finish because I'm excited to look through it and relive last year and read and remember all the little things that elude my memory.

I'm wanting to not get behind in this years project life documentation, so I do "this week's pages" and then do ones from last year that I am missing as I can. That is one reason it is taking me so long to finish last year. It's definitely better to stay current, and, or, keep better notes. November and December's pages aren't going to have as much detail because I didn't keep notes and I don't remember much of the little details.`

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Melissa said...

Holy cow! Your kids have grown and changed so much! I hardly recognized Lydia! She looks so grown up! Wish we lived closer and could see you guys. We miss your wonderful family.