Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day

Baby Lydia is wishing you a "cool" day.

These photos are courtesy of 4 yr old Tom (who is convinced that on his next birthday he is turning eight. In fact, today he had a tape measure he was using to measure how old the other kids were). Tom put the sunglasses on Lydia and then insisted that I take a picture. I told him to go get the camera for me and when he came back he decided he needed to be the one to take the picture - he then proceeded to take pictures of many other things around the house. Kids love cameras. I love digital cameras - I would never have let him run around the house taking pictures of whatever he wanted with a film camera. Digital is fun because they can see on the camera screen what they took a picture of and then the pictures can be loaded on the computer for them to see their artistic work - all at no cost.

So, my challenge for myself is to eat wholegrain breakfast, which is going great, but dinner was a little lacking. Jeremy went to work tonight before I made dinner, so I gave the kids leftover macaroni, which they love, but I do not, so I didn't eat anything. I didn't know what I was in the mood for, I did eat a slice of bread. So, just now, realizing that I didn't have dinner I settled for a cup of hot cocoa and will call that good enough for tonight. I'm too "moody" sometimes when it comes to eating and fixing food. The rare times that I make a weekly dinner menu I don't usually stick to it. I wish I had a gizmo like the Jetsons had - like a vending machine, but for dinner, type in the code and walla - dinner.

I'd really be fine if our bodies only required feeding once a day, or maybe once a week.
Have you ever pondered why eating is so constant - I mean, we only go to church once a week, why not only eat once a week. I actually have pondered on this before, and as much as I would like to give up eating I know that there is purpose in the need for "constant nourishment" for our physical bodies. The Doctrine and Covenants tells us that all things physical are spiritual also. The constant need for physical nourishment is a reminder of the constant nourishment that our spirit also needs. I enjoy spiritual nourishment and meal planning more than I do physical, however, I still find the same struggle with getting it in - ie, making it a priority.
I think my next challenge will focus on spiritual nourishment.


Susan Smyth said...

Tell Tom I saw his pictures & he did a great job!

angela said...

just think how much more time in the day and less mess there would be, too, if we didn't have to eat so often...very good points.