Monday, July 15, 2013

July week 2

So far so good on keeping up with my weekly scrapbook pages. I try to take pictures and take notes so that when i put it all together it is fairly fast and easy.

Here are my notes I kept from last week, and I just copy and pasted them into the layout.

Sun- char bore his testimony

Mon-jer home from work, pulling out bushes, girls room a mess, only set table for mom and dad, those that work eat, dinner spaghetti 

Tues- more bushes out, Becca slams finger in door, girls play at Erica's house, get all wet in the sprinklers, boys ball game, both get great hits that they get all the way home on, mom reads with Becca on the trampoline, dinner pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw, watermelon 

Wed- mom drove to st George, Jer stayed home with the kids, Tom had his friend bday party

Thurs-boys baseball, dad takes kids to drive in, mom goes to movie with gma, gpa, Susan, Calvn and deb

Fri- char baseball game, dad takes kids to work party at docs house
Mom does some shopping with gma and deb, eats out with gma & pa

Sat- all day baseball games, Tom plays 3, his team places 2nd, char and toms team play against each other, dad gets sunburned, 
Char calls mom at least twice a day, to see how I'm doing, sweet boy
Mom eat out with aunt sue, play rummikub after dinner


Stephanie said...

I just want you to know that you've totally inspired me to try my own hand at digital scrap booking for the very first time. It well may change my life! Thank you! I've also been using some of your links for free paper and stuff--so I really appreciate that!

It's been so fun, too to see what y'all have been up to!

Jenni Taysom said...

Go for it, I really enjoy, as you can see