Friday, July 19, 2013

This past week

Okay, so this week isn't over until tomorrow, but I got so excited to get my week pages put together and had plenty of pictures already.  I left a journaling spot that I will fill in after tomorrow.

I think these pages are some of my favorite I've made yet. Not only do I love the design and combinations I came up with, but I was much more thoughtful in my words and memories. I wrote a letter to my children and paid compliments to them, such as in the "surprise of the week" I added.

I keep notes on my iphone in a notebook app and try to at least every night type something up for the day. This is the only way I am able to remember much and get it all together at the end of the week. Without writing it down daily I wouldn't remember hardly a thing. In fact as I was reading back over this weeks stuff I remember thinking, "oh, I forgot about that" and it's only been mere days since these things have happened.

Up till now I hadn't decided if I was going to print these as I go or wait until the end of the year to print it into a bound book. I think I have decided to print as I go so the children can look at these often, not only to see the pictures, but also to read the words. This is why I was glad I came up with more thoughtful things to put in there this week. I think it is good for kids to see and hear the positive things we think about them. Especially because it seems like I spend too much time getting after them and saying negative things out of frustration.

yes I am pregnant, 32 weeks along, due at the beginning of September and it is a boy.

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lisa said...

YAHOO! congratulations!!! the more sweet taysoms the better :) hope you are feeling well, jenni!