Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Airplane Teeter totter

Jeremy saw this airplane teeter totter at Costco and knew that it was a must have for the kids. Besides bikes we don't have any outside play toys for the kids. When Jeremy called me and told me that he found a teeter totter that he wanted to get my first thought was "how boring". Teeter totters are so limited in what they can do that kids seem to bore of them quite quickly. Then he took me to Costco to show it to me and I was sold right away. This toy looked like lots of fun, it is way more than just a teeter totter. The steering wheel turns the propeller on the front and if you sit in the drivers seat you can sway the plane back and forth. The kids have lots of fun on it when neighbor kids come over - up to 7 kids can play on it at a time.

The other day I came home and the kids were running around outside and Jeremy was sitting in the drivers seat playing on it. Truly, from the moment he saw it I think Jeremy wishes he was the kid so he could play on it. The kids have enjoyed it, but I think Jeremy is the only one that loves it.

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