Saturday, February 09, 2008

Laundry room makeover

It seems like we always have to have a project in the works - sometimes we finish them sometimes we don't. Today it was the laundry room. We want to use one of the walls for food storage shelves, which required us to rearrange everything in the room. We have a front loading washer so we were able to stack the washer and dryer and free up the corner of the room to now accommodate coats and shoes and bags - (the stuff that used to talk up the whole other half of the laundry room, but now only takes up a corner) the laundry room is also our mud room (ie the catch all room).
It was quite the job because we had to remove the cabinet that was above the washer and dryer, since it would no longer fit with them stacked. Then I decided to go ahead a get rid of the build in shelves because they weren't going to work for the food storage. I think Jeremy had fun demolishing them. Now that everything was torn out it seemed like a good time to paint, seeing how the walls now revealed the old paint color (behind where the shelves and the dryer used to be) and the newer paint color. Besides I had never really liked the shade of green that I had picked - it was too dark for a small, windowless room. I choose a nice bright, light shade of yellow called "banana cream" - sounds yummy.
Now, I've painted many rooms in our house (some more than one time, I am not very good at picking paint colors) and you would think I would have a good idea as to time estimation on how long a paint job should take. Well I thought the laundry room would take about and hour - I was only off by about 2 or 3 hours. I'm glad to report that we only had one paint mishap with the children (there always has to be at least one of them that gets paint on themself or something else that didn't need paint. I was able to divert Tom's attempt at a mishap, but Becca was too quick. I saw her coming and reached out to grab her before her hand got in the paint bucket, but that girl is quick and her hand dipped in before I got her. We got her quickly cleaned up and there was no real trauma.
We still have the job of getting the new shelving installed, for which I am very excited - and then start filling it with all our food storage - but other than that it is a done job. I got all the painting done and the walls are beautiful. I got the new mudroom corner all set up with the coat hooks on the wall. It feels like such a different room - like a new room.


The Dawlings said...

I think yellow for a laundry room is the perfect color (mine is yellow). It is just so bright and cheerful, like the sun...

Susan Smyth said...

Remodeling/re-painting....why am I not surprised. I'm excited to come see it - sounds like it looks good.