Sunday, February 24, 2008

Peter and the Wolf soundtrack

Peter and the Wolf is a classical music story. The characters in the story are represented by a different instrument in the orchestra.

I remember listening to this as a child and loving it. One nostalgic day as I was thinking about it I thought - I wonder if I can find that anywhere. My parents had it on a record and I didn't know if it would be available on CD. There were many to choose from and the problem became finding the right one - I wanted the version I grew up with. I couldn't find the same recording, but the one on the right, with Patrick Stewart as the narrator was the one I ended up getting, and it is good.
The first time I played it for my boys (mind you they are 5 and 3 years old) they complained and wanted me to turn it off. We were in the car driving back from Cedar City (45 min drive) and they had no choice but to listen. Since that first time of reluctant listening they are now avid fans. We have left it in the car and when we go places, even just on errands, the boys request to listen to it. This has been a great way to introduce them to classical music, they love it and I enjoy listening to it. Even though we've listened to it many times I never tire of hearing it.
I have my father to thank for my love of classical music. He had many records and in the evening time he would play them. Sometimes he would put his headphones on - probably so he could hear and enjoy it over the noise of 6 kids, but I'm glad he didn't always use the headphones. Exposure to great music and time are the equation for a lifetime love of wonderful music.


Heather said...

I loved Peter and the Wolf growing up. We must have had it on record or maybe cassette. Patrick Stewart has such a cool voice too. I'm anxious to hear this version. Thanks for sharing and be sure to pass on any other recommendations for kids books on cd. I love classical music but don't listen to it enough. Thanks for the reminder. ;)

The Dawlings said...

I loved Peter and the Wolf, too. What a great thing to share it with the kids!!! Great Idea! I can't wait to get it.