Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Homemade Bread

It's taken me a long time but I've finally found the perfect recipe for whole wheat bread. 100% whole wheat bread has alluded me for a long time, and after many failed loaves I am so happy I finally have a recipe that turns out perfect bread every time. - The secret is adding dough enhancer and high gluten flour. It's amazing that only a tablespoon of each of those mixed in with 10 cups of flour makes such a difference. The bread is light and soft and 100% yummy. I've tried for so long to get a good bread recipe because:

1 - store bought bread isn't very good - even the expensive kinds - they just aren't fresh
2 - store bought bread is so expensive - even the cheap white loaves (which have absolutely no nutritional value) are getting to be expensive
3 - The nutritional value of store bought bread isn't very good - even in the supposed "wheat" breads it's iffy as to how much whole wheat they use
4 - Usually the only "soft" breads are the white breads - and again nutrition is called into question
5 - There is just nothing better than fresh out of the oven bread with butter and honey - sink your teeth into that - and the smells - fresh homemade bread - permeating the house

I'm going to post my recipe on my other blog Healthy and Happy. It's my new blog that I've started to keep track of wonderful things that I find about health and well being.

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Holly said...

Thanks for the shout out on your side bar! I made bread tonight. There is nothing better than that warm heel, with butter and homemade jam.

This looks yummy!