Sunday, April 13, 2008

Becca is a true Taysom

Becca is a true Taysom because she loves to ride on a tractor with daddy just as much or more than the boys do. This was expected with the boys - that they would love boy things, such as tractors and dirt. However, I didn't expect Becca to love tractors so much.
Yesterday Jeremy borrowed a tractor to grade our backyard (I'm hoping we'll be ready for grass in the next couple of weeks). Becca was helping me with the garden, but kept wandering off towards the tractor. Finally Jeremy stopped and let her sit behind him on the seat. For some reason the motion of the tractor always puts our kids to sleep. Soon enough her head was bobbing around and Jeremy stopped so I could get her and put her down. I got her into her bed and she seemed like she was going to stay asleep, but a minute later she was wide awake and I took her back in the yard with me. She wanted on the tractor again, and after 10 minutes or so she was asleep again. This time I just laid her down in the yard to let her keep sleeping. But again, after a minute she woke up. She wanted back into the tractor again. This third time, when she fell asleep again we just let her stay in the tractor and sleep bobbing around as Jeremy kept working.

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