Friday, April 11, 2008

It's a Girl!

Well, I never did post the result of the poll - boy or girl?, or say what my prediction was, so here's the recap.
I did think it was going to be a girl - so the voting was even - 3 said boy, and counting me 3 said girl.
The ultrasound showed the baby to be developing well and everything looks like it should. He showed the face in 3D and it was so cute to watch the baby opening her mouth and kept sucking at her fist.
I am exactly halfway today - 20 weeks and that is exactly what the baby measures. The due date is September 1.
One reason I'm so excited about a girl is because she and Becca will be so close in age - 21 months apart, the same as Tom and Charlie. There is a bigger gap between Tom and Becca, 2 1/2 years.

Now the next thing we have to do is come up with a name. What are some girl names?


Jennybug said...

YAY YAY YAY!!! Hooray for girls! I'm so glad Becca will have a little sister to play with. How fun! My mom is dying for someone to name their little girl Olivia. I think she even bribed me once... Anyway, we also like Marren and Lyssa. There's my ideas! Warning: try to stay away from anything resembling Kami, Kylee, McKenna, Madison, etc. Everyone in my kids' entire school has names based on those! Kaiah has 8 kids in her class of 22 that start with a K! I guess Kaiah's name isn't so unusual...

Alison said...

Congrats! That is so exciting. That is so fun she and Becca will be so close in age. I love ultrasounds and that she was sucking on her fist. How cute! Good luck with the name thing. I always struggle with that!

Marne said...

Congrats! Very exciting news!

Jenny B said...

I think girl names are easier than boy names. We had our Bekah's name picked out before she was even a thought but when we found out the boys were boys, we really struggled. Even going to the hospital, we didn't have Austin's name decided. We had kind of narrowed it down to a couple but when we mentioned the names to the nurses, the labor and delivery nurse got excited because that was her maiden name. Our pick for another girl name is Reese-since we both have the same name, and we both have a daughter named Bekah/Becca, why not?!

Spencer Smyth said...

Congratulations. In order to avoid any family competition, I am only going to suggest names that we wouldn't want to use in case we have another girl. So here are a few of my suggestions: Gertrude, Helga, Bertha, Matilda, you get the point. In all seriousness, we've found that traditional names aren't used very much these days. So, we always try to go traditional. Good Luck!