Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our new pet

This is Thumper, our new pet bunny. My cousin Jacy has bunnies, and the boys loved holding them. I felt bad that the boys have been begging for a dog, but I just can't commit to that. A bunny seemed a much better option. So far the only problem is the boys love it too much. They are always carrying it around and are fighting over whose turn it is. Thumper puts up with the boys affection, but I don't think he really likes it. I think he prefers to stay in his cage, away from loving arms of little boys, but I am impressed with how patient the bunny is and how tolerant he is.

Charlie and Tom do everything with the bunny. They love to hold him and watch tv. I thought this camera moment was so cute when I walked by and saw the boys reading a book to their bunny. They would love to sleep with the bunny, but I draw the line there, mostly for the sake of the bunny. In fact, today I announced it a day of rest for the bunny and only let the boys have the bunny out for a short time. I think if the bunny is going to survive the love of my boys, I'm going to have to impose time limits.

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Alison said...

How cute! It's a cute bunny, but your boys are especially cute holding it and reading it stories. I love it! Best of luck with a new pet. You're a lot braver than me!