Thursday, April 30, 2009

Am I Prepared?

The recent news about the Swine Flu is causing me to ponder if I am prepared if a quarantine were to be imposed. If tomorrow the call came that we had to stay in our house for the next month or two or three would we be okay? Somewhere in Mexico they are not only in quarantine, but they also had an earthquake. Such a thing makes me realize it's not only my food that needs to be saved aside, but also emergency supplies. I've been working the past year on being more diligent in gathering food supply - the problem is we eat it and I'm not keeping up with always maintaining the supply. I started putting together our 72 hour kits last month, but only have most of the food stuff and a couple other things. One post I read today highlighted the fact that you are going to want something to do so yo won't be bored, especially for the kids - books, word puzzles, anything small and lightweight that can go in the backpack is good.
My goal for this weekend is to get supplies on hand for a flu situation: powdered and bottled juice, otter pops, diarrhea medicine, bleach, face masks, applesauce.
I don't have any of this stuff. We don't get sick much at our house and I haven't had need to keep this stuff on hand.
We were thinking about going to Disneyland at the end of May, but yesterday Jeremy said there is no way he is going. I thought he was over reacting but then I saw a map of where outbreaks have been noted and then I too decided that now is not a good time to go to California. Bummer.


Heather said...

i've been thinking about these same things. i have food storage, but like you we eat it up and keeping on tracking and restocking is a hard thing to do. I put some little craft supplies like popsicle sticks, glu, crayons, paper, scissors and a few silly party games (like in the birthday party section) in our 72-hr kits. I figured glow sticks could entertain for hours. :) Good ideas on how to be prepared for flu situations. I'm going to get on that today.

I just keep wondering if we could really eat for 3 months on what we have at home. All the fresh things we enjoy are a big deal - like real milk and cheese and fresh meats. sigh... i guess we'll just do our best.

sorry - this was a long comment with no point! good luck though.

Heather said...

oh - also i bought the N-95 face masks the other day online. they were $6.95 for a box of 20. Now at that same site, they are $11. Makes me realize it's good to prepare long before something hits so it will be available and not too expensive. anyhoo...