Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've had a hard time lately finding my groove. My regular routine is so out of whack. This morning we didn't have breakfast until 11 am - I think it doubled as lunch, so that was a time saver. I pulled it together by dinner time - I even made a fabulous dinner - homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade french bread, and homemade strawberry jam -yum! the soup I make is a fabulous recipe from the Lion House cookbook - it is the best soup ever. This was my first time making french bread and it was surprisingly easy and fast - 1 hour start to finish and it made two loaves - I may never have to buy french bread again.
Since I haven't been in my regular routine lately my housework is behind. Tonight I had a burst of energy and got a bunch done. I've decided that night time - with no little ones to interrupt me is a perfect time to do housework - I can get so much more done - the only thing is that is also the only time I get computer time - so maybe I'll have to trade every other night, cleaning night and then computer night, I don't know, we'll see what wins out.
Our day time routine has been thrown off by Jeremy - he works nights so he sleeps during the day. I try to keep the kids quiet, but they still are so loud. We generally go to the park in the afternoon so that he can have silence for his last few hours of sleep. Last week was beautiful and last Tuesday we spent four hours at the park. This week hasn't been as nice. Yesterday we went to Jacy's house for a couple hours where the kids played with their cousins. Today the weather was even worse - only 45 degrees, compared to 75 degrees last week - so we went to the library for a very long time. Thankfully there is story time on Wednesday afternoon - Mrs. Mann does it and she is fabulous - it's more like a mini preschool time.
Usually Becca does not participate in story time. She sits and listens for a minute, but then she wanders around and does her own thing. Today she sat and listened almost the whole time. She came over by me one or two times, but always went back and listened more. After the story there is always a cut and color activity. Becca had some other mom help her with the cut and paste activity - that other mom was so nice to help her, I was holding the baby, who was sleeping.

Lydia has had a fever last night and today and has not been feeling well. I feel so bad when little ones are sick - it's hard to be so helpless. I think the fever is due to teething - I hope anyway, because if it's not, I'm not sure what is wrong with her.
Lydia is crawling like a champ. I think she enjoys being able to get around. Being able to sit up on her own is starting to cause her some problems - at night when she wakes up she sits up and then she fusses because she can't go back to sleep sitting up, so I have to go help her get laid back down so she she can go back to sleep.


Heather said...

hey jenni... i think i'm spending my entire life finding my groove! :) I made french bread tonight inspired by your post about it. My cousin had posted a recipe on our family recipe blog so I made that one. It turned out really tasty. It seems easier than normal bread for me. Perhaps it's because it has few ingredients?? Looks like you guys are doing some fun things and enjoying the nice weather down there. I can't believe how fast your babe is growing right up - already crawling!! wow. keep up all the good work.

angela said...

Oh, the groove. I have been especially out of it lately, too. And I want to learn to make french bread...Seriously, though, nightshift stuff, eck. When Trav flies nights or is home trying to sleep in the morning, or even home not sleeping, my whole groove is destroyed. Sounds like you are doing a great job to me =).