Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tom ready for Conference

In preparation for General Conference Tom got a general authority haircut.
Okay, so we didn't really leave his hair like that, we finished buzzing off the rest of it. Tom is our scissor boy and took out a patch front and center on his hair, the only remedy was to buzz it all. Luckily he didn't do this to his sister, I don't think she would look so good buzzed.

Charlie came home from school yesterday all excited about general conference. His attends a private LDS school and they were talking about general conference and the reading in the scriptures about King Benjamin and how the people assembled in their tents and were prepared to listen to the prophet. So Charlie is excited to set up a tent and get things gathered like crayons and snacks and all the necessary things to participate in conference. On Sunday our Primary gave each of the children a conference packet of activities and pages to color.
One page in there shows a picture of each of the Presidency and members of the Quorum of the 12 and has a line next to it where they can write the main message that speaker talked about and then a line where they can write what they are going to do the incorporate the message into their daily life. That is a page I'm going to make a copy of for myself and do that - what a simple way to be able to review conference and see not only what was talked about, but what I am going to do - the goals I set as a result of listening to conference.


Susan Smyth said...

I laughed so hard when I saw Tom's picture & your label of "general authority" haircut. It almost looks like he's going bald. Very funny. Ah Tom, cutting his hair. I think I had the same problem when I was his age.

Spencer Smyth said...

That is a classic photo. You gotta love kids.