Sunday, March 22, 2009


Here is a neat website, Temples to Dot the Earth, that shows a map of the world and where all the Temples are located. The church website also has a world map and information on each of the Temples, with an interactive map. Also, here is a link to a video the church has on why we build Temples and lists newly announced Temples.

Our lesson in Relief Society was based on Sister Alred's talk, Holy Temples, Sacred Covenants from October 2008 conference about Temples. The sister who taught the lesson mentioned that four years ago she and her husband set a goal to go the the Temple every week and in those four years they have only missed one week (and the weeks that the Temple is closed for cleaning). What an accomplishment. This motivates me to set a better goal for myself. I have the opportunity to go to the Temple often, with the Temple only being 10 minutes away, now I need to set it as a priority and just "do it".


angela said...

Hey my brother in law made that website! =)

Brett and Tiffany said...

I found you through Shannon's blog.
I thought I would let you know that Jamie Clark that we went to school with passed away this weekend. I don't know a lot of details, but her funeral will be on Friday in Idaho Falls. Very sad! It was fun to read about your cute family.