Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Digital scrapbooking

My friend Heather inspired me to make a new chore chart. The last one I made for my kids was just words because I didn't have any cute stickers or graphics (these are from The Lily Pad). I'm going to laminate them and then they can make x's on the empty spaces when they have completed their tasks. I'm really hoping to help them develop some good habits. So far we are hit and miss, which I know is my fault, I'm hoping this will help us all be more consistent.

I am teaching a photoshop elements class for a Relief Society enrichment activity so I have been putting together a class outline. The above page of Charlie was the result of me learning about masking - what an awesome time saving feature that I never knew about. This pink page below of Becca is my sample of what we will learn to do in the class. Since it is a beginning class I made up most of the page and the class will just learn how to add a photo and the text. If any one sticks with the class then I will show more details and skills.

However, today I found a great resource for those of us who are trying to learn digital scrapbooking using photoshop elements. Two Peas in a Bucket (a digi scrapbook website) has free video tutorials which are amazing. On the right side of the page is a section called class lessons and so far they have 7 lessons posted. It is incredible to watch someone doing it rather than trying to read it out of a book, or even someones post online. My skill level has increased much just today from watching some of those videos.


Heather said...

hey jenni - good work with learning photoshop elements so quickly. seriously - you're cruising! that's awesome - especially to help others learn the basics.

and i like how you used the chore chart. i was trying to figure out if that one would work with what i wanted to do. maybe i'll put each of the kids together like that and see how we like it. thanks for the idea.

the kids did well today doing their chores. abe was so excited about it all. if everything slacks off, i also know it's my fault. it does take energy and effort for mom to keep things going, doesn't it.

Marne said...

Awesome Jenni! I would love to come to your class. It is my goal to finish Jessica's Up and Running class I signed up for MONTHS ago before my baby is born. I just need to do it..and keep practicing I suppose. I love all the pages you do.

Cute job chart!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?