Thursday, March 19, 2009

jeremy passed the GRE test

Jeremy took the GRE test on Monday and passed with a score of 1010! Yea! Now we can apply to graduate school for nurse anesthesia. The schools we are considering are back east - Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida. We won't be going until next January - we missed the deadlines for the programs that start in the fall.

This scrapbook page is another stretch out of my comfort zone of design, I'm playing around with more of the trendy design aspects that seem to currently be popular. I really like the effect of the small picture in the lower corner. The tutorial for this effect is on Jessica Sprague's web page (sugar city girls will remember her name as Jessica Bills). She has lots of really neat tutorials. I am currently taking her photo enhancement class and am learning lots.

Here is my spring mosaic - I did not take these pictures - I just put them into a mosaic. I hope my friend Heather doesn't think I'm too much of a copy cat, but she just does so many wonderful things that I want to try for myself - thanks for always inspiring me and then telling me where to go find stuff Heather - you are the best!
Don't these pictures just bring such a feeling of newness and a breath of fresh air - I love it!


Susan Smyth said...

Yeah for Jeremy!! Lydia is so so cute! I need to come visit before she's progressed to another stage.

Bridgette said...

Congratulations Jeremy! I love the scrapbook page Jenni. It is very cute, and I am always amazed at your incredible pictures. Those Spring photos are gorgeous!

Shan Reid said...

Your pictures are AMAZING! Love you layouts too.

Shan Reid said...

Your pictures are AMAZING! Love your digital layouts too.

Jenni Taysom said...

I cannot take credit for the pictures, I didn't take them.