Friday, March 20, 2009

last day of spring break

Today was the last day of spring break and what a beautiful day it was - sunny all day long and it got up to 82 degrees. This morning we spent some time in the backyard cleaning up and getting the garden area ready. I wanted to plant tomorrow, but then someone told me it is supposed to get really cold this weekend - maybe I'll wait a week. The kids have been looking forward all weak to going to the Cotton Mill Park. It is farther away - only 20 minutes, but compared to the park we usually go to that is only 5 minutes away, it is far - so we don't go very often, but the kids love it so much. It is a fun park, there are some very unusual toys to play on. There is also a great hill for rolling down - one of Tom's favorite things.
St. George is getting more parks all the time, so a favorite thing for many is to try out all the different parks. My kids name them according to their own connections - grandpa's park (the Bloomington Hills Circle Park) near where grandpa used to live, Steve's Park (Hidden Valley Park) because it is near uncle Steve's house, Dallin's park (Vernon Worthen Park) because that is where cousin Dallin had his birthday party 3 years ago, Tylers park (Bloomington Hills north park) near where their friend Tyler lives - and other parks don't have such descriptive names that I remember them, but really there are about 6 different parks we frequent and then there are at least 4 other parks we go to sometimes. One of my favorite parks is by Coral Canyon, which is far from our house, so we have only been a time or two. I guess because my kids are young and the days are so nice in St. George we spent a fair amount of time at the park.

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