Saturday, March 14, 2009


Little Lou waking up from a nap. She just had the sweetest face - she is so quick to smile. I really need to do her 6 month photos before she's not 6 months anymore. I've hardly got my camera out at all this past month.

The words on the picture is my copyright watermark. I don't know if is really necessary, but my blog isn't private and usually I don't just post an individual picture, usually only scrap pages. My husband asked why my blog isn't private, I don't know - maybe I should, I just like to think that the world is good and innocent and that there are no problems in blog land.

Why is it that some go private? I need feedback - what are the reasons, what are the pros and cons, if I don't go private what are some cautions I should keep in mind?


Marne said...

I went private because I was worried who was looking at my blog. I had registered myself with to track who was looking at my blog. It tracks the location, the server, what they are clicking on on your blog, how long and how often they visit, etc. It is very detailed. Anyway, when someone from Maine, Europe, and other random places around the world were looking at my blog on a regular basis, outclicking on my kids' photos...I just thought one can never be too safe. Especially since I had made no effort to disguise names, our location, etc. And I made my final decision after a mutual activity in our ward when the Idaho State Attorney General came to speak on internet safety. After that speech I decided I would go private.

I think it's such a personal decision and if you like being public, that's okay too! Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

Bridgette said...

If you go private, just be sure to invite your friends. I have had a couple of my blogging friends go private and now I can't get on their blogs anymore.

Another disadvantage to going private is that missionary opportunities can be lost.

Heather said...

Hey jenni..

I don't like being private personally... because it's buggy to have to invite people and I know people love using google reader. And I only have 100 invites. Which sounds like alot, but all of mine are filled. Not that 100 people read my blog, but how do I know who doesn't to remove? ya know.

But I finally went private because I really kept worrying about it every day. One of my photographer friends said that her friend's images were copied and altered for naughties. I don't know how common that is, but I just didn't want to have to worry about what I posted.

My husband Jimmy who is the computer guy of all time, wasn't concerned about my not being private and thinks there are just as many dangers out there - like going to Walmart and having people drive by your house and seeing the kids.

but since i just kept worrying about it, i figured it wasn't worth the worry.

anyhoo... there are my random thoughts.

angela said...

I keep wondering the same thing. Maybe I should start tracking, too. Travis sometimes think I should go private, but he worries about stuff like that more especially when he is gone, so he always reminds me not to be specific with certain info...

Jeannetta said...

Some ideas:
Never use real names. One friend uses "Monkey" for her son, one friend uses different kinds of berries.
You could make things small enough that they can't be of much use.
Never ever use specific information. We live out in the country, with two fairly large towns nearby. If I mention anything about my place, I use the town farthest away, it also happens to be the same that shows up on a feed after I've visited a blog.
My suggestion would be to go private with stuff invovling your children, and a second, public blog for random thoughts.
Good Luck, I love your scrapbooking.