Friday, November 27, 2009

happy birthday

Happy Birthday to our Becca Princess.
Today she turned three years old. Becca wanted a "kitty cat" birthday with lots of pink. The above picture was our breakfast cake, which was cranberry bread (that none of the kids liked) and we had eggs and bread for breakfast. For Charlie's birthday last month we did a scavenger hunt for him to find his gift and Jeremy hid it in the oven. So this morning when Becca came downstairs and saw the table all decorated for her birthday she headed to the oven and looked in it and was disappointed that there was no gift in there. After breakfast she opened gifts.

Becca got an apron and chef hat and pots and pans. The pots and pans are made out of metal and all of the kids had great fun playing with them.

I made these little, individual cakes for Becca's birthday cake. I baked a sheet cake and then used a lid to cut the circles and layered them two high for each cake. For the frosting I tried marshmallow fondant. It was quite easy and fun to use. I was able to roll it out and just lay over each little cake and then the shapes I cut out and added on top. The kids loved having their own little cake, and we even put candles on everyone's cake and let them each blow out their own candle.

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Fenus family said...

They turned out so dang cute...I love them!!! I love that I have your blog now so I can check it out and see all of the fun things you guys are doing around the corner. Thanks :)