Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Lou

What a cute stinker. Lydia is my little monkey (well, all of my kids have been and are monkeys, always climbing on things and into everything). All these pictures are within a 10 minute time period. We put our Christmas tree up on a stand we created out of food storage buckets and a big box, so Lydia can only reach the very bottom of the tree. After three older kids and years of not decorating the bottom half of the tree we finally got smart to move the tree out of reach. However, I think we could have put the tree at regular height. I have successfully trained Lydia to not touch the DVD player which is right at her level and very demanding of her attention. "uh-oh" is a very powerful statement, when combined with short time outs in her high chair. Now all I have to do is say "uh-oh" and she turns around and walks away from the DVD player, or whatever else it is I don't want her to touch.

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Susan S. said...

Look at Lu and all that blonde hair! What a cutie!!