Sunday, November 08, 2009


Today's Sunday School lesson was about family history. I usually dismiss the topic of family history thinking, "well my parents have that under control, so I don't need to worry about that". Today, however, I was feeling guilty for my dismissive attitude. The teacher mentioned that one important thing about family history is the stories - getting to know and remembering our ancestors. We need to be sharing those stories and preserving them. I think that is something I can be working on. Gathering stories and sharing those stories with my family. My grandparents (who have all passed on) and my father and mother-in-law in particular are good at sharing stories. Unfortunately I have a poor memory and only vaugely remember bits and pieces of stories they have shared. My hope is to gather some pictures and stories and maybe make little books so I can read them to my kids and so they can look at them on their own.


Heather said...

hey jenni... i somehow missed some of these posts of yours. Did you change your setting on the feed? anyhoo... I made a few books with pictures and brief stories about parents/grandparents/our children for family history stuff. They kids love them (when I remember to actually get them out). I wanted to have my parents write short little stories to include but we aren't quite there yet. ;)

I'll email you the header size I use. It may be the template you picked, but it might just be the dimensions of the header.

Jodi said...

Very good point, I need to do more of that sharing and writing things down. How are you guys by the way? Hope things are going well down there in all that sunshine! Fill me in. How do you like the area, the ward, the schools? Miss ya