Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Becca Loves the Tub

This picture was taken at the end of November. Becca had already had a bath and I had just gotten her dressed in her pajamas. Then I got Tom and Charlie in the tub and had Becca out in the living room with me. Becca could hear the boys in the tub and crawled down the hall to the bathroom. The door was shut, I was sure to close it after getting the boys in the tub because I know how much Becca loves the tub. I could hear her banging on the door with her little fists and I yelled out for the boys to not let her in. The next thing I heard was "splash" as Becca basically jumped into the tub. Tom was being helpful and undoing her jammies to get the wet clothes off. Becca has always been a tub lover, since she was very young. Neither Tom nor Charlie enjoyed the tub until they were able to sit up, but even as an infant laying in the water Becca has enjoyed being in the water.
This past summer, when she was 8 months old I did a mommy and me swim class, and she couldn't do much more than splash and kick, but she loved every minute of it. She is probably going to be a fish like her daddy. He loves the water and especially loves swimming under water. He has been very good to work with the kids in helping them to be comfortable with the water and they love jumping into the water and diving to get golf balls (grandma taysom's house is on the golf course and her pool gets lots of golf balls).

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