Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kids and errands

I can't get the post picture function to function. I have a bunch of new pictures I wanted to post, but I can't get them to load. Computers are wonderful when they work, but are terribly frustrating when they don't.
Today is a cloudy day, a bit of a rarity here in St. George. My mood always feels a bit more somber when it's cloudy. I tried to get some errands done this morning, but only got half of them done. Taking three kids along presents quite a challenge - and today I wasn't up for the challenge. Tom and Charlie have a hard time staying still and an even harder time not touching things.
I was at Target and got one of those big shopping carts with the extra two seats attached to the front of a regular shopping cart (I feel like a bus driver when I get one of those carts). Tom and Charlie were sitting in the seats and Becca was in the back of the cart (I can't sit her in the regular baby seat section because even with seatbelt on she still climbs out). The boys could not sit still and were climbing from the back to the front of the cart and back again. Needless to say this drove me nuts. To top it off the boys had to each use the bathroom - when we were at the back of the store and had to walk all the way to the front of the store. When I took Tom I asked Charlie if he needed to use the bathroom while we were there. No. So we continued shopping. Not ten minutes later Charlie informed me that he needed to use the bathroom.
After Target I needed to go grocery shopping, but there was no way that I was going to attempt that feat - not after my nerves were already rattled enough by a twenty minute stop to Target.
Usually I do my errands while one of the boys is at preschool (they rotate days, Tom on Mon & Wed, Char on Tue & Thur). When I only have two kids they behave like a charm and it's not a big deal. Christmas break is going to be a long three weeks - I'll survive, but we might run out of food (because I am NOT taking the three of them to the grocery store).

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