Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sweet Becca

What a sweet face! Could there really be anything cuter? Even at 11 months old (the picture was taken in October) Becca is aware of the camera and knows how to cheese it up. This day of the picture Becca was climbing down off of the couch and I wanted to take a picture of her getting off. Well, as soon as she saw that I had a camera she reversed her progress and got settled back on the couch and began smiling for the camera. Notice the drool down the side of her cheek. She is teething, but even as of today has no teeth yet. My kids teethe for months and months before teeth ever show up.
Becca turned one years old on Novemeber 27, 2007. She's really taken a liking to walking and practices as much as possible. I was impressed at how rapidly she progressed from a faltering step or two to walking small distances, from tottering from side-to-side to even, little steps. Sometimes when she knows she is about to fall down she picks up speed and almost starts running and then gravity takes over and she falls face down. She never gets frustrated or whines about falling, she just gets right back up and keeps going.


Brittany said...

Jenni, I just got into Blogs, too. I think it is a fun way to catch up with friends. I have been looking at Ali's, Heather's and a few others from school. Your kids are darling--and so are you!

Jennybug said...

I love Becca!!!! Oh my goodness, I have just eaten up all the pics of her and I want her to come play with me! Ok, really she would probably like to play more with Kimbal, but still, it would be fun for me. They would be the best of friends I just know it!