Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tom's Preschool

This is a picture of Tom's preschool class. The kids are three years old. They are all wearing brown shirts because they learn a new color every two weeks and on the last day of that color we take a picture. This past week the color was pink and the little boys were not happy to wear pink - even though they only had to put the shirt on long enough to have the picture taken. It is a neighborhood group and each of the mom's take turns teaching.
I taught this past week - we had a Christmas party. We played a couple of fun games. One game was "guess what's in Santa's sack and each child takes a wrapped gift out of a sack and feels it and shakes it and describes if it is hard or soft, big or little, noisy or quiet. I just used a bunch of Tom and Charlie's toys for this game and explained to the kids that they didn't get to keep the gifts they just got to unwrap them. It was fun to see how well they did at describing the wrapped object. We also made Christmas tree ornaments and dipped pretzels in chocolate. The only reason that I was so brave to do those last two projects with three years old is because their moms were there to help them.

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