Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas

I love the Christmas season. Even in St. George the weather cools down and it feels nice to bundle up and to have a fire and drink hot chocolate (however, in St. George the days still get fairly nice, and often we don't even need a jacket).
My house is nicely decorated. I love night time when the house lights are off and the Christmas tree lights are on. I already made my neighbor gifts and took most of them around- now we just need to figure out what to get for the kids.
The one thing I need to get around to doing is our Christmas letter to friends and family, so just in case Christmas comes and goes and I never get it done this will count.
We've had a wonderful year! Becca turned one (she is walking), Tom is three (he can count to 50) and Charlie is the big 5 (loves to draw), but he didn't start kindergarten because his birthday isn't until October. Jeremy started back to school and tomorrow he has his last final for this semester. He isn't enjoying school, but he is doing very well. I'm very proud of him for all the hours he has put into studying. He is going back for his bachelors degree in nursing and is contemplating where to go from there.
I'm busy being a mom of three kids. I also do some photography on the side (I convince neighbors to let me take their family photos for them - this past month I've done four family photos - for Christmas cards of course, and they've all sent out their cards) The problem with me being the photographer is that I can never get a good family photo of my family.
We went on a family vacation in April to Sea World San Diego and the boys loved it - they still ask when we are going back to see Shamu. In June we went to the Manti pageant and also went to the BYU campus (to see where mommy went to school) and all got BYU shirts.

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