Sunday, May 25, 2008

Char hair cut

The boys got haircuts this morning so that we could get rid of their unruly hair - It was getting so long. Charlie hates getting his hair cut and always makes a huge ordeal of it. Today, with help of bribery of a piece of gum, and lots of begging on our part, we got him to sit and he was very good for the whole hair cut. He liked when dad had shaved the top and the sides were still long. After he got the top and sides done Jeremy wondered if he should leave the back as a mullet (not really, what an unfortunate hair style). Tom always does well and has no problem with getting his hair cut and it only takes about five minutes for him.

I found a link to the BYU Women's Conference that has 'virtual sharing stations' where women have posted lots of ideas about various things - definitely worth taking a look at. I love BYU Women's Conference and wish that I could ever go - I could have this year if I would have planned it out ahead of time, but I didn't know about it until the day before.

Another great link I found is and index created on Sugardoodles website for Sharing Time from the Friend.


Marne said...

I love those virtual sharing station links. They are perfect for Enrichment ideas too! I went to Women's Conference six years was wonderful.

You are a scrappin' queen now! Love your pages.

Heather said...

You are rockin' on the digital pages. I like your layouts. And all the journaling is fantastic. My favorite pages of mine usually have a lot of journaling. I remember now why i took the picture, but will i in 10 years. Thanks for the other ideas... i'm off to check out the links.

Mignon Smyth said...

Jenni, I love your blog page. Thanks for those sharing links, I got some good ideas for my sharing time that is this Sunday.

Looks like you had a busy but fun day on Saturday - being young you can bounce back more quickly, I don't think after that long trip home I could (at least not now) have gone hiking the very next day.

I'm glad that you and Jeremy take time to do fun things with your family keep doing it.

Have a great week.