Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Riding Bikes

Charlie and Tom spent the morning taking their bike to the top of the hill and riding down together, again and again.
I took a ton of pictures, I was inspired by Heather's story boards on her blog as a fun way to show multiple pictures and let them tell the story.


Marne said...

Love this Jenni! So did you use masks to size all the photos? How did you do the border?

Jenni Taysom said...

To get the red border I used the red as the 12x12 background page then I created a white page at 11.75x11.75. I cropped each picture at 2.95x2.95 and turned on the grid (under view menu) to place them and then used the align tool to make sure they were actually aligned and then the distribute tool (on the horizontal toolbar for the move tool) to get even spacing between the pictures.