Thursday, May 08, 2008

Page for Tom



I don't know how to use the papers for scrapbooking yet, so I'm just using white backgrounds. The great thing about digital is I can go back and change this later if I want.

Tom is my smiley boy - and he has the cutest smile. This picture is from 1 1/2 years ago when he was two years old. The only reason I know that is thanks to digital photos that tell you when the photo was taken, otherwise I would have no idea. Looking at this picture I wouldn't have guessed it was from so long ago.

I love photoshop because this was an okay picture when I took it, but a few tweeks in photoshop and I like it so much more. I added the original photo to show the difference. I don't like that this blog puts pictures in opposite order - like how I decided to put in the original photo and it's at the top of the page instead of further in my post - I don't like that because it means if I don't prethink out where I want pictures to be they are in opposite order than what I want.

I have to brag on Charlie for a minute. On Sunday we had family council and set a few goals for this week. One of the goals was to be better helpers - to be quick to obey - when mom and dad asked the boys to do things. Charlie has been doing a great job at this goal. In the past when I've asked him to help do dishes he complained and whined that he didn't want to. This week he has not complained at all and he even has done it right away without procrastinating. His chore is to unload and he can do it all by his self - he just puts the dishes that go up high on the counter and I put them in the cupboard for him. He doesn't like to load up, because he doesn't like touching the dirty dishes - even though I rinse them first - so Tom is the load up guy.

Today I cleaned the bathrooms and the boys helped. I sprayed the cleaner and they used the rags to wipe everything clean. They fought over who got to scrub the inside of the toilet, luckily we have two, so they each got to do one. I love such happy helpers.

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