Sunday, May 04, 2008

Missionary Tom

Here are Tom's "missionary" pictures.
Today was Stake Conference. I was happy that my boys did quite well. We took their new bags that I made - the crayon roll was great - the crayons stayed all together (except every time that Becca tried to empty it out).
The lady that sat behind us gave me a note at the end of the meeting. It said,
"What a beautiful family. Your children are full of love. What a precious gift Father has shared with you. True they are strong willed and determined - but this must be; that they may stand in these last days - and Return With Honor to their Creator. When the day seems it will Never end - remember you are equal to the task He has given you. Prayer is our staple in life. It will heal and strengthen us as we look to Him in all things. What faith our Father has in you!"
What a beautiful note. Even though I thought the children had done quite well at being reverent, I was in and out many times with Becca, and this note was a great boost to me. I'm going to keep it and read it on those days when I don't feel that things are going so well.
Being a mother is a great challenge and it's nice to be reminded of the great gift we have been giving - our children - and the great responsibility we have to teach them. I'm thankful for support and encouragement from others.

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The Dawlings said...

I love your posts!!! These comments and ideas are so great! I loved that article, too, for those same reasons. I am glad you liked it. ANd what a great note! So cool to be "noticed" for your efforts. I love the crayon roll--cute! Thanks for sharing. Your boys are darling future missionaries. Isn't it neat to know we are raising an Army of MIssionaries? Love it!!