Saturday, May 05, 2012

Morning with mom

This morning dad took the boys to go fishing and I took the girls to Home Depot to do the monthly woodworking craft. Today's craft was a planter box for Mother's Day.
I'm glad they already have the holes predrilled for the nails. Once i got Lydia started she was able to get the rest by herself. I almost didn't let them paint the project because it is too messy but I was brave and let them do it and it wasn't too bad.
I'm the type of mom that wants the project to look really good when done fortunately I don't let my perfectionism get in the way and I let them do it and they enjoyed the process especially the painting of it.

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Stephanie said...

Hi, Jenni! I haven't checked your blog in a while and it was fun to see what you guys have been up to! I'm sorry I never gave you a call this week. This cold I've been recovering from has been a bad one--and my kids have gotten mildly sick, as well, so we've been just trying to recover and get through finals around here! (My husband is officially done with them tomorrow!) So, I look forward to hopefully getting together with you guys soon! In the meantime, I appreciated your thoughts on scripture study and journaling. It's always interesting and insightful to see how other people do things! ;-) Keep up the good work! And have a great weekend.