Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pet peeve

My pet peeve in house work is.....................


Living in Florida we can mostly wear flip flops and sandals, but, the kids have such stinky dirty feet if I let them just wear sandals.

So, I usually require them to wear socks and shoes, which leads to this problem.


Tristan said...

Hehe, yep. Socks can be a pain. I'll share my tip just in case it helps.

Each child gets basic white socks from Hanes or Fruit of the Loom because those two brands do a colored line or colored words on the bottom of the socks. Each size in a different color. So right now, for example, my children have the following:
Makayla - Yellow line.
Joseph - Dark Grey Line
Emma - Blue words
Daniel and Oliver (same size) - no line
Caleb - Solid grey bottom of socks
Mason - Teeny all white socks
If we had more children with socks that are just all gray on bottom I would use a permanent marker for the line in different colors.

Anyway, this makes it simple enough for my 3 year old to sort socks into piles and then everyone gets their pile. Delegation!

I absolutely hate colorful, decorated socks. You can never find the match on the day a child wants to wear that exact pair. So we just don't go there at all ever.

Good luck in the sock wars!

Jenni Taysom said...

Thanks for the tip-- especially about delegating the task, it would be a perfect job for my girls. My question about the different colored line on the socks is where to find them. It seems like every time I buy new socks I can't find the same ones I bought the last time