Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Swimming underwater

I took an underwater video of the kids at the pool.

It's not the best video footage because I didn't go underwater, I just put my waterproof iphone/camera under, and the kids were swimming too close by. Still, it is awesome to see what the kids look like swimming underwater.
Lydia is just starting to learn to swim without floaties and is getting really good. One of the most important skills she has learned is to come up an take a breath.
That is one of the more challenging skills for kids to learn. Once they have that down they are well on their way to being an independent swimmer.


Alison said...

That's awesome Jenni! You did that with your phone?! So amazing! Your kids look like great swimmers. That is such a talent I wish I had. You are raising a wonderful family! I admire you so much!

lisa said...

to say my kids LOVED that video, would be an understatement! TOTALLY AWESOME!!! definitely going to look into that