Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Must See

The Pianoguys have outdone themselves this time. They shoot music videos of Jon Schmidt and Steven Nelson playing their music, but they take it to the next level.

 This particular video is called "Bourne Vivaldi" where they mix music from the Bourne movies and from the classical composer Vivaldi. The music itself is just awesome, then add in the cinematography and it is that much better.

 My favorite is the end of the video when they are on the train - how awesome would that be to play a piano on an open train as glides gently through the mountains.




Tristan said...

My husband had all my children hooked on the Piano Guys - I love that they're enjoying piano and cello music!

Stephanie said...

Okay, so you and another friend of mine have totally managed to get me hooked on these guys! They are AWESOME. Thanks for posting the "So Happy Together" video a while back!

B and T said...

I can totally play like that! ;)

Kandie said...

So I have taken the last little while to get caught up on your blog.... and I just miss you all like crazy!! The pool pics were so beautiful and I could almost smell the sunscreen and blossoms. MMMmmm... I had the best time in FL and it was because of you and all of the other amazing ladies and families there. Matthew is getting so big and cute, and the pic of Charlie doing Lydia's hair is PRICELESS!! And the girls hair was super cute in a few posts back. Mostly I did their hair because I happened to be doing Leah's hair too, at that exact moment. You do a great job. I hope to post soon on my own blog.