Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reverence jars and Cookies

My kids are so cute. I love that they are getting older and they can help in a meaningful way.

This morning Tom was looking through the Friend magazine and found what he thought would be a fun family home evening activity. So he took it upon himself to make the copies and gather the supplies for it.

And then, even though it is Tuesday and usually FHE is on Monday night, he planned out the whole FHE of who would do what.

Charlie had the lesson and decided to do what the Diaz's did last week--obedience cookies. He taught it is as we obey (follow the recipe) that we receive blessings.

Charlie made the cookies all by himself with no help from me and they turned out awesome.

Tom had each of the kids make their own reverence jar, they colored and cut and taped. Our neighbor friend Eric was invited over, by Tom, to participate with us. He isn't a member of our church so the boys were helping make sure he was understanding everything and translating our lingo.

For instance one of the things talked about greeting your bishop and Tom told Eric bishop is the main leader at our church. We found out that at Eric's church the name for their "bishop" is pastor.

They kept calling each other "FOOF"'s friend of another faith.

Anyway, it was fun to sit back and be participant as my boys ran the show and I just did what they asked.

It just warms my heart to see them take these things to heart and see that my efforts are paying off. This is particularly heart warming to me because I am about the most inconsistent person that ever was. I do not do anything regularly, as in I really want to do FHE regularly but in actuality it rarely happens. So I am so grateful that God blesses me and my family in spite of my inabilities to be consistent.

A cute thing to share about something Tom said during morning devotional. We were reading the story of Abraham sending his servant to go get a wife for his son Isaac.

Tom turned to me and said, "mom, I want you and dad to get me a righteous wife".

"oh yeah, why's that Tom?"

"I want a righteous wife so she can teach my kids devotionals like you do with us"

Melt my heart. This is exactly what I want for my kids--that they desire righteousness. That they desire to serve God and choose to be obedient to His commands.


B and T said...

You are a rock star mom and you don't even know it!

Stephanie said...

Awesome! Those parenting moments are so precious--the ones where you can see that your child is actually learning what you hope he is learning. Your children are so sweet! We have a reverence jar, too (although we've only remembered to use it a few times...)

Rachael Garner said...

Such wonderful kids! They are my idols for Grace! I will be sad and we will have a huge empty spot in Primary when you leave. I have so enjoyed getting to know the Taysom's!

Carolina said...

This is so great! I can't wait until my kids someday can get more out of FHE than the basic basics. I suppose all ages have their upsides, but this activity just seems so fun!! Oh my goodness, I sure am going to miss your wonderful family. All 7 of you!!

Kandie said...

Oh Jenni, How I miss you and your kids and the influence you all were to me and my kids. I miss their sweet innocent comments. Tom is particularly thoughtful in his comments and Charlie is just a sweetheart. My kids really miss them all. We talk about you guys a bunch, and hope to see you soon on your travels west. We go to Ut in July, so I hope that doesn't hinder seeing you. You really are an amazing person, and I am blessed to know you. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to live by each other again someday.