Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boy or Girl?

I went for my prenatal checkup yesterday and the doctor did and ultrasound (first time seeing this baby - now I know that there really is a baby in there, I always wonder and seeing it on the monitor makes it real more than just seeing my tummy get bigger) and the baby's feet were in the way and we did not find out what it was. (this is not a picture of my ultrasound, just one from the internet).

I thought I would take a poll as to people's predictions - boy or girl?

I'll tell you my vote after some of you share yours. In two weeks I get another ultrasound and hopefully we'll find out.

Although being pregnant and having a baby is always exciting, somehow number four just isn't the same as baby number one or even baby number two. By the time you get to baby number four you know what you are getting yourself into and you have the reality of three other children, whereas baby number one got your undivided attention.

The other day I was having a tough day and my kids seemed so uncooperative and I thought of a neighbor lady who always seems calm and composed with her four children and I thought to myself, "well maybe by the time I get to baby number four I'll learn to be more calm" then I realized I am pregnant with number four, "crap, well, maybe by the time I get to number 5".
It just comes at you so fast. I just had baby three a year and a bit ago and pretty soon I'll have four. When I started having children I always thought that four seemed like a good amount of kids for a family. Now I'm at number four and I'm not sure - maybe 5. Of course on days when all is mayhem I wonder at the three that I already have and wonder why I think I would want more. Then on others days, when we are all cuddled up together, laughing and having fun, I love the joy of it all, these precious little ones that are mine for just a short while.


Heather said...

i think it's a GIRL! i keep thinking i'll become more patient too. i hope by #4 i will do better at that. ohhh... also, my yeast is brand new. But yeah, it hardly rose & i let it raise for almost an hour. Weird huh. I'll keep trying because i love homemade bread so much. Thanks for encouraging me. I hope you feel well!!

Marne said...

I so agree! I don't think we ever have it under control...good things we have those good days to remember how wonderful and precious our kids are. Even though I want more kids I am scared our of my mind. Seriously. I already feel like a crazy woman.

I predict you are having another boy!

The Dawlings said...

I think another boy! I think it is crazy each kid you have--I feel like I have to learn everything over again! Those ladies that have it all together--how do they do it???? Maybe they just hide it well.

Alison said...

I would say GIRL! But I was wrong with mine, so don't trust me! :)

I didn't even know you were pregnant, I am so happy for you! When is your due date? We're not too far apart if you're already finding out what it is. That's exciting!

I feel the same way about having 4 children. Especially when I take them all somewhere and they act out of control (like at the grocery store) and then people look at my belly like "Why are you doing this again?!!"

Spencer Smyth said...

I guess I'll be the first man to offer a comment here. I am terrible at guessing (I have been wrong three out of four times with our children). However, I will venture to guess a boy.

My experience is that people who seem so patient with their children, have their moments too. I am always amazed at how much more patience I have when somebody is there watching me. Speaking as one with four small children, it gets pretty chaotic and there are days when Sarah and I want to call the whole thing off. However, I then remind myself that if I am ever going to be like Heavenly Father, I had better learn to be much better with what little I have been given. Really it is my knowledge of the potential that I have to become like Him that gives me hope and strength on the hard days.